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Please Read this Guide and Get the Verification By Your Self

Please Read this Guide and Get the Verification By Your Self

A Step By Step Guide To Very Your Facebook Page or Profile

Ever wonder how to get that little blue check on your FB page? You know that mark shows all your followers that you are someone with sufficient status for the Facebook team to verify it?

Verifying your Page and getting that small mark next to your online business’s name makes you more professional and credible.

Most if not all the businesses need to get that Facebook page verification. In this article, I am going to look at how to verify your FB page and/or profile and all that this verification process entails.

Why Verify Your Facebook Page or Profile?

We at Business Rankers put lots of time and energy into creating social proof on all our and our clients’ accounts, Facebook in particular, as it is a simple and straight signal to our users that our online business is essential and established to earn it. Such verifications checkmarks do the same thing exactly.

Facebook Page verification

As your users see that check, they realize that they are actually looking at your or your business’s real page. It is not just a fan page or an imposter. They know they can send a message for customer care, and it helps to show that you are taking your social media strategy and customer care seriously.

Another big plus: having such verification can help your profile or page rank higher in both search engines of Google and Facebook as well.

Difference between Blue and Grey Verification Checkmarks

Blue shows the confirmed authenticity of Facebook pages, brand and public figures. It proves that this is an official account of a business, person or brand. Both personal profiles and pages can earn this verification.

Grey checkmark show a specific location for a business. As the grey mark is not quite as challenging to get or as noticeable, it can still aid your business gain some authenticity.

Steps to verify a Facebook Page

If your business belongs to big franchise, corporation or chain, the primary account run by your marketing team must have the blue check mark. All individual locations could get the grey checkmark.

Can Anyone Get Verified Account on Facebook?

Virtually, yes. Practically, sort of.

Just a few specific types of Facebook pages get this verification mark. Having a physical location provide great help because the grey badge is much easier to obtain as compared to the blue badge. Local Organizations, Businesses, Companies and Celebrities can get this verification easily.  

Getting Facebook verifications of personal profiles is difficult, and for this, you must have thousands of friends on your account.

How to Verify Your FB Page?

First of all, ensure that your Page is in top form. FB does not have a strict list of requirements, however making sure your Facebook page looks credible, dynamic, responsive, credible will go a long way at the time when the Facebook team is reviewing your request. So you must have the following;

  • A proper website
  • Tons of followers and their continuous activities (Facebook check for fake friends, followers, bots, and cheats)
  • Contact us details
  • An “About us” and long-form descriptions
  • Ample native content
  • Mostly pages that are for Public Figures, Companies, Local Businesses, and Organizations are easily and quickly verified.

Steps to Get Your Page Verified.

Start at actual page > Go to Page Settings on the top > Go to general> Here You see Page Verification (only if you are eligible to get your page verified).

You will then have an option for “Instant Verification”, or for the more lengthy process of verification. The Instant verification gives you an opportunity to have a Facebook team call your Page’s publicly listed telephone number. You will receive a verification code that you will enter. Then Facebook will award you with a grey check mark and finally a blue one after some days.

If you do not like to use the above method, you can also upload a doc which shows that you legally own that business. These documents include tax files, licenses, or articles of incorporation. FB will review these documents manually before they approve.

how to verify my Facebook Page

How to Verify Your Facebook Profile

Getting your personal profile verified is a lot difficult as compared to getting business verified. Only individuals of near-celebrity status can get this, although lots of qualifications to get verified are quite the same. You will need lots of followers although that is not needed for Pages.

As soon as you submit your personal FB profile for the verification that forms what I can see you have to do by directly contacting FB team, FB if seriously taking your request will talk to you and ask for the required documents to prove yourself you are whom you claim to be.

I will go beyond and help you save your time with this one, and recommend creating your page and help you to get that verified.

The time it takes?

It depends on various factors. Type of the page. How much busy FB team is, number of followers you have and the like. For approving businesses, Facebook takes longer as compared to celebrities. It can take from 2 to 45 days, particularly for the blue mark, grey badge usually takes less time.

What if FB does not verify you?

For whatever reason, if Facebook does not verify you, it is not the end of the game, revamp your page or profile accordingly and try again.

Ensure that your Facebook Page is full and fleshed-out, with sufficient information and seems to be a credible business page. Writers can add posts to “Impressum” section and get more review or mentions from others, and pages don’t hurt, either. You can also contact Facebook support for further information asking for the reason of rejection.

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